February 3, 2013

First Post 2013!

Whew! This gonna be a tough one, I stopped blogging for 1 month++ cause I'm too busy working so that I could earn as much as I could for my Bangkok trip.
Let say if there is two type of people - work hard OR work smart?
I think I would be the first type, I always work hard but I never work smart. Lol. Kindly contact me for those who wants to hire a hardworking employee haha.

To be honest, I kinda felt sorry to those who read my blog. My blog is in a mess!! Coz last time I was stupid enough to accidentally deleted my online album for the bloggie and I have not clean up the mess urrrrgh.
During this period, I found out that there is still people who reads my blog, asking me why I did not update anymore..
*So touched in my heart* and thanks for reading! =)))

Oh well, just let me start my first blog for 2013 before I head back to clean up everything.

So erm.... Almost 2 months of time lag, and yes I have a lot to blog about!!!
Bangkok trip, New year celebration, night outings, shopping haul, new hair color and bla bla bla bla bla. So much to write about.

Maybe today I shall start by listing down my wish list for the year 2013?

So here it is....

1) Bangkok Trip!!
Actually this is the first wish for 2013, and checked! I just came back from Bangkok! Mission accomplished! *clap hands*
I shall blog about this during my next post. I promise. =)))

2) Start my career
There is a huge difference between a job and a career.
You need jobs to earn money $$$. But career is about pursuing your life-long ambitions and goals.
I don't need to earn millions of cash and live a luxurious life but I hope to at least prove to my world that women can be successful pursuing their career too! Girls Poweeeerrrrr!
I have a simple dream... Is to earn enough to provide my parents a comfortable living without having them to work day and night. After that would be car, house and etc.
I was thinking to start off my career in banking, erm maybe...... regardless how I started off, coz in the end I would still love to work in the beauty/cosmetics/fashion industry coz my passion always end there! =)

3) Save money
I found out that I'm having difficulty to save money into ze Bank. Even though I did, the digits seem to 1 + 1 - 1 + 1 - 1 = 1
Understand? If you understand that, you may having the exact same situation as me hahaha..
Girls always shop too much!
Yeah, so I must learn to save this year!!!!

4) MacBook Air Mid 2013
Just mentioned saving money, and I need to spend again on my 4th wish list.
But this is necessity, so never mind la.
I really need a ultrabook for me to carry around for my work and also blogging hehehe.
I'm using a Dell now which always drive me to mad due to slow response which takes up to a centuries to load my files. Urrrggghhh.
One of my friends said that it's just because I do not know how to use a Windows properly.
Yes, please forgive me I used Mac and Windows before, I vote for Mac........... Just so sorry Windows.

5) Diet Diet Diet
Oops, this has been in my wishlist for almost 3 years and I still have not done it!!!!!!! Why???!!!!
Plus, I'm getting fatter and fatter and fatter!!! *bang walls*
Even my mom nagged about it everyday, saying that I'm fat, worse than a bear, and blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I don't wanna say about that haha..
Oh well I just stopped consuming any carbohydrates few days ago. Gonna do some exercise from now on too.. Cross fingers and hope that I'm gonna lose weights these few months!

6) Negativity go away!
When people talk bad about me, I will think of some way to take my revenge by commenting back and letting them feel 10x more awful than what I'm feeling.
But somehow I realized that, when you take revenge on someone, he/she will revenge on you again, and you will still take revenge again and this goes around around and will never end.
I'm super tired of this shit.
So, let them talk. and let them watch how I'm gonna prove them wrong by doing better in future!
Everybody has their own bad which makes others to dislike him/her. I have too.
So before I start to talk about other people, I should look into the mirror.
I wanna be the one who spread love to the world!

7) Make impossibles possible
Life is just too short!
So I don't wanna live a boring and repetitive life. Be daring to try new stuffs and you may find out that actually you love it too!
I thought that I will never eat spicy food for the rest of my life, who knows when I tried once, I kinda like it and I'm learning the impossible side of me!
Let's turn impossible into possible and live a colourful life =)

8) Love my family
All of us who were born before 21 Dec 2012 would experience this.
The Mayan prophecies of the world is ending 21 Dec 2012 made me realize that family is the most matter to me. Nothing in the world is more important than my family members. They are the one who loved me the most, and I love them too.

9) Be myself
and never forget to have faith in yourself. You are who you are and nobody can ever try to tell you what to do and what not to do in your life =)

That's about it. My goals for year 2013 =)
I'm gonna work hard to achieve each and every one of them.
What's yours? =)

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